The State of the IoT Market: Our 2017 Report

The Internet of Things
gets down to business.

Where we’ve been and where we’re going: IoT in 2017

IoT is taking hold in almost every industry. In healthcare, it‘s helping pharmaceutical companies track and trace medicines from production to patient. In agriculture, sensors in the ground are providing near-real-time data about the health of crops. Drones are already being tested by Energy and Utilities companies to monitor remote infrastructure. And, from coast to coast, US cities are deploying smart solutions to help manage traffic, maintain public safety and attract new businesses and citizens.

We're excited to present this year’s IoT report, but we‘re even more excited about the “things” to come.

Key takeaways from our 2017 State of the Market: IoT Report :

  • IoT is at the core of digital transformation for business. It’s changing the playing field for business in every industry—helping to increase operational efficiency and fuel new growth.
  • Organizations have so far focused on simple use cases to track data and send status alerts. But, in 2017, IoT has become enterprise-grade.
  • IoT platforms are providing a single environment for developing and managing applications. New low-power networks are enabling organizations to deploy IoT quicker—helping lower costs.

Big businesses need big thinking

To make good on the promise of IoT, businesses large and small need partners that understand the latest technologies and can help bring together an ecosystem of connected devices cost-effectively and securely.

Percentage of executives that are either researching or currently deploying IoT
Based on 2017 survey commissioned by Verizon.
Listen to highlights from the report

Listen to Verizon's VP of IoT Solutions share key insights from the report and discuss real-world implications.

Reprinted with permission from Verizon Sep 12, 2017.