Transitioning to 4G LTE Category M1

Move your business forward with LTE for IoT Category M1.

Get newfound speed, performance and efficiency by powering your Internet of Things (IoT) with our 4G LTE network.

A better network, built for the future of IoT

For organizations with hundreds or thousands of devices, energy efficiency has become a major concern. Enter Category M1 (Cat-M1) technology, specifically engineered for low data throughput and high-energy efficiency—in other words, exactly what IoT devices need.

Our 4G LTE network is the first to fully support Cat-M1 devices and include services specifically for IoT. LTE Cat-M1 lowers the barrier of entry to the IoT world, providing a quick and easy way to develop, deploy and manage your machine- to-machine (M2M) solutions. When combined with our revolutionary network, these devices are cost-effective, help support applications with low data needs and are able to stay in the field much longer without needing to change batteries.

LTE Cat-M1 also uses networking protocols that help improve IoT coverage with better in-building and in-ground penetration. And it provides comprehensive security, including authentication, credentialing and encryption tools to keep your communications protected.

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ThingSpace is our web-based, open development environment that speeds up IoT deployment. It gives you the tools you need to manage, develop and deploy global enterprise IoT solutions—all in one place.

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Our business and government customer operations centers give you the support you need to manage all of your IoT devices. Ready to start upgrading your devices? Visit our Open Network Showcase to get detailed product information and features.

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We've added LTE Advanced to America's largest and fastest 4G LTE network, for an even better network.

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The Verizon advantage

We provide global IoT connectivity in more than 197 countries around the world, and we’re expanding every month. Our solutions give you a unified view of your entire IoT platform. And our global SIM technology gives you a single SIM, contract and invoice for all your wireless IoT connections in many countries.

Reprinted with permission from Verizon