Process breakdown

  • Step 1

    Register company
  • Step 2

    Submit device
  • Step 3

    Certify device
  • Step 4

    Getting ready for market
Get started
  • Register company

    Getting started

    Register your company, get your account login information and then sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). You will receive your login credentials once you register your company. Before accessing the Open Development portal, you will need to have completed several forms.

    Documents required:

    Please make sure you have completed the following items.

    • Submit your company registration
    • Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
    • Sign a Certification Agreement (CA)
    • Provide your Certificate of Insurance (COI)
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  • Submit device

    Before you begin

    Please review the documents listed in the Open Access specifications and gather the required documents to complete the Device Lockdown (DLD). These will be reviewed and locked down before testing.

    More on Device Lockdown

    The DLD review will ensure your device is ready for testing at an authorized independent test lab (ITL). It will also cover documentation submissions, test campaigns and post-certification procedures.

    Speed up the process

    Make the device certification process easier and quicker by using Verizon-approved modules.

    Documents required:

    Please make sure you have completed the following items.

    • Device info
      • FCC Grant
      • GCF Grant
      • Picture of your product
    • Supporting documents
      • User guide
      • Quick references
      • Troubleshooting
    • Lab logistics
      • Selection of lab
      • Date for lab submission
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  • Certify device

    Testing and certification

    During the testing period, any open items from your DLD session will be finalized.

    Verizon will upload the custom Test Campaign (TECC) based on your submission. The ITL you contract with will execute the tests according to your TECC.

    A final report from the ITL will be sent to Verizon’s internal lab for final confirmation that the device functionality meets Verizon’s access standards.

    Testing process flow:
    Submit documents
    Submit sample
    3rd party lab
    Approve test results
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  • Getting ready for market

    The final step

    Ensure that no remaining administrative items are incomplete. Once finished, you’ll receive an Open Development Certification letter and the ability to run your device on the Verizon Wireless network.

    Before your device can be activated, upload your unique device identifiers (IMEIs) to the Verizon database.

    You’re ready to get started!

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